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Dog Training

Our goal is to improve the relationship with you and your dog. With the help of our experienced trainer, we can transform your pups behaviour with our expert dog training.

We offer flexible dog training options such as In House dog training (dog boarding included), or if you prefer our trainer can visit you and your pooch in the comfort of your home.

Dog Training programs include:

On-Leash / Off-Leash Obedience Dog Training

This focuses on teaching basic commands such as come, heel, sit, down, up, stay, leave, and go to your bed without relying on treats or body language cues, even in the presence of distractions.

Additionally, we offer potty dog training packages, and expert help addressing any problematic behaviours like separation anxiety, aggression (biting / chewing), and one of the most common dog issues ‘pulling on leash’.

Get in touch for a consultation to discuss what package will be best for you and your doggy.

Dog Training Packages

For On-Leash basic obedience we have two options:

  1. In House (dog boarding and training) – 21 days for 3500 AED
  2. Home / In House sessions- 12 sessions (twice per week) for 4000 AED

For Off-Leash basic obedience we have two options:

  1. ​In House (dog boarding and training) – 35 days for 6000 AED
  2. Home / In House sessions – 18 sessions (twice per week) for 6000 AED

Personalised packages can be discussed with the trainer at consultation stage.